Running Young – Out of Time

Running Young – Out of Time

Melbourne alternative rock band Running Young have recently released the video for their latest track ‘Out of Time‘. After its release earlier this year, ‘Out of Time’ was featured on US TV series Shameless (Season 4, Episode 8 “Hope Springs Paternal”), and once you listen it is clear as to why!

It comes as no surprise that this track has been described as a ‘musical gift’.

Running Young was formed after lead singer Joel survived emergency open-heart surgery at just 25 years of age. “I should have died before I even got to hospital because my aorta basically just popped like a balloon,” says Joel, smiling. “I spent two weeks in intensive care fighting for my life and, somehow, miraculously made it through.” The track ‘Out of Time’ was written about this harrowing time in Joel’s life. According to his doctors, with all of the post-op complications factored in, his chances of survival sat at around 2-3% but it seemed it wasn’t his time to go. “After coming that close to death you tend to gain some insight into what you want out of life and how lucky you are to still be a runner in the human race”, says Joel. “I decided what I wanted out of life was to be true to my heart for whatever time I had left and also to see if I could encourage others to do the same. The best way I knew how to both of those things was to start a band!”

Watch the video here

‘Out of Time’ will feature on our upcoming debut EP, due early 2015.