The Growl – What would Christ do??

The Growl – What would Christ do??

Ever clicked play on a new album you bought and five minutes later found yourself stomping around your lounge room like a monster in the jungle?

If you haven’t there are two reasons for it. One – You have not played an exorbitant amount of Xbox that has made you believe that you are in fact a real life Xbox character, or 2. You haven’t bought The Growl’s debut LP What would Christ do??


Fremantle band The Growl have been around for a little while and with multiple WAMI nominations, a triple j Unearthed slot at the 2012 Big Day Out and a spot on the NME list highlighting them as one of the 10 Australian acts to watch in 2013, they’ve had a pretty good lead into the debut release which has been spinning regularly in my stereo player since early April.

Two songs in and you can’t help but commit your full attention as ‘Cleaver Leaver’ stomps in your head with brutal rhythm.

Immediately followed up by ‘Liarbird’ which lightens the musical mood with a bit of falsetto from frontman Cam Avery and a heap of soul, the first three tracks set us up for a quality record by a quality Aussie band.

Avery also puts his stamp on the old Gospel Blues song ‘John the Revelator’ which was first recorded way back in 1930 and has been covered by legends such as the Blues Brothers, Beck and our own Nick Cave.

Backed up by the bands two drummers who give the sound a backbone, Avery’s sometimes soulful, sometimes howling vocals make for a heavy-duty, robust blues/rock record.

What would Christ do?? packs a shit load of punch, grit…. and reverb.

The Growl recently stomped (like a monster) their way through sell-out shows in the States and Canada with their close mates Tame Impala after the two played the main states in Oz last December.

The Growl are playing Splendour 2013 so make sure you check them out because…. That’s what Christ would do.