The next big thing

The next big thing

My recent obsession with Big Scary came on rather quickly and has become the soundtrack to my current daily routines. After hearing them for the first time a few weeks ago on Home & Hosed, I ran home to Google them and find out more, and it seems I am behind the times.

Big Scary, a diamond quality, eclectic indie duo from Melbourne, have been around since 2008. With a solid, season inspired collection of EPs under their belt and have taken to the stage in support of a diverse range of acts including Florence and the Machine, The Vasco Era, Editors and most recently The Grates, they are due to release their debut album later this year, but not before touring with Liam Finn in August – yep, I’m in front of the times now.

After unknowingly (must be fate) catching them last Saturday night at The Corner supporting The Grates, I may have become just a little bit more obsessed. While nothing about their physical appearance is either big or scary, their music definitely implies differently. With singer Tom Iansek switching between guitar and keys and Jo Syme behind the drum kit (belting the shite out of it might I add), Big Scary easily pull off full band sound. I thought it was an interesting contrast following a set from Guineafowl, the first support act who had six members on stage, still making great music nonetheless.

With their heavier garage band-esque numbers like ‘This Weight’ and ‘Tuesday Is Rent Day,’ comparable to the more moving mellow numbers like ‘Thinking About You’ and ‘Hamilton’ (both very Jeff Buckley) and ‘Falling Away’ (a personal fav) it’s not hard to gather they have a very assorted style and approach to their music.

So, as my Big Scary obsession continues, I hope to implant this big sounding and scarily good band into the minds and ears of music lovers who are yet to experience this little Australian indie treasure.

Their latest single Mix Tape is out and available on iTunes along with all of the EPs. They are touring throughout August with Liam Finn. Oh, and like them on Facebook too.